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I simple diagram of the different features of the Iggy Address Insights Report, such as chart comparisons and percentile rank comparisons.

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Iggy Address Insights: enter an address and get a comprehensive, customizable report on the demographics, transit, amenities, and more within walking and driving distance. Ditch the google maps guesswork, data sourcing, and geospatial analysis.

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Iggy have been amazing partners in helping us expand our ability to deliver rich, data-driven experiences at scale. The insights they've built and continue to build as well as their way of working have enabled us to move fast, without sacrificing the quality of the end experience. I wish there were more Iggys out there!

Daniel Lee, Director of Product

We are excited to leverage a platform that has done most of the geospatial data engineering work for us. Our value add as a business will be in how we use that data and insights– so not having to allocate resources and time to re-create this is very compelling.

Kenny Luna, Co-founder

As a new startup, working with Iggy is like having access to your own data science super team. Joining their Discord channel in the early days felt like I was just talking to my own team and riffing on ideas. It's great to see a team so passionate about geospatial. Their solutions and insights saved me months of aggregation my team would've done on our own.

Johnny Xu, Founder
The Location Company

If you had told me when we were starting Opendoor that a company like Iggy could take care of the gnarly data ingestion and normalization that ate up so much of our time, I would have signed right away. Their products solve a huge pain point and let companies focus on the analytics, where true value is created.

Ian Wong, CTO



Immediately Actionable

Our data scientists and engineers turn messy data into clear and actionable insights about neighborhoods and markets so you can focus on what you do best.

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Walking and driving areas for any address

What everyone else is doing has never worked for you. We build the tools and tech to represent location in intuitive ways.

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No more Spatial joins, No more Geocoding

We know these are a pain. All you need is addresses and we'll take it from there. Or, choose an area on a map, download our data, and we'll give you the resources and code to bring it right into your warehouse or tools.

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Use Cases


"Location location location" is number 1, 2 and 3 in real estate. So why not let your customers search based on the aspects of place that matter to them? Use Iggy to highlight what's special about a location – distance to the nearest school, number of restaurants or bars within walking distance, parks or nearby waterfront, and much more – so that your customers can find the perfect home.

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Real Estate Investing

Your investment models can surely benefit from more and better data, especially when it comes to location and proximity. With Iggy you can test hundreds of hypotheses like "Will the value of this property increase if a Whole Foods in built nearby? What about a funeral home?" and bring way more signal into you models, improving your bottom line.

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Real Estate Investing

Programmatic, data-driven SEO Pages

SEO is all about creating web pages. Lots of them. And especially pages that are as helpful to search engines as your users. With Iggy you can make high-ranking pages with valuable and unique data about neighborhoods and cities that both search bots and your users will love.

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Programmatic, data-driven SEO Pages


The best agents close because they know what matters to their buyers and understand the local area. Use Iggy to improve your marketing through personalization: market homes close to popular grocery stores, restaurants and farmers' markets to gourmands, or recommend apartments near dog parks to pet lovers.

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