place data for your apps

Build better products with place data, fast.

Data Scientists and developers use Iggy to access, build and transform unique
data and insights about place and build innovative products

Enrich data quickly

Save your team time and money

We've engineered features that are ready to plug into your existing workflows and tools. Want to identify properties near a farmers' market or the beach? We got you. No sourcing, cleaning, or transformations needed!

Location matters

Know what’s nearby, and use it in your product

A home is more than a house. It's the coffee shop you can walk to, the park you can bike to, and the coastline you can drive to. Iggy gives context to the places you care about so you can build better products and models.

Place data centric AI

Get more out of your data

Do you have addresses, zip codes, latitude and longitude in your data? Use our demo notebooks and easy-to-use Python library to enrich your data with valuable information about what's around.

leveraging Place data

How Iggy Works

A diagram of how Iggy joins with your data to produce enhanced models

"If you had told me when we were starting Opendoor that a company like Iggy could take care of the gnarly data ingestion and normalization that ate up so much of our time, I would have signed right away. Their products solve a huge pain point and let companies focus on the analytics, where true value is created."

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Ian Wong

CTO, Open Door

Data scientists <3 Iggy

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