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"Location location location" is number 1, 2 and 3 in real estate. So why not let your customers search based on the aspects of place that matter to them? Use Iggy to highlight what's special about a location – distance to the nearest school, number of restaurants or bars within walking distance, parks or nearby waterfront, and much more – so that your customers can find the perfect home.

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Real Estate Investing

Your investment models can surely benefit from more and better data, especially when it comes to location and proximity. With Iggy you can test hundreds of hypotheses like "Will the value of this property increase if a Whole Foods in built nearby? What about a funeral home?" and bring way more signal into you models, improving your bottom line.

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Programmatic, data-driven SEO Pages

SEO is all about creating web pages. Lots of them. And especially pages that are as helpful to search engines as your users. With Iggy you can make high-ranking pages with valuable and unique data about neighborhoods and cities that both search bots and your users will love.

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The best agents close because they know what matters to their buyers and understand the local area. Use Iggy to improve your marketing through personalization: market homes close to popular grocery stores, restaurants and farmers' markets to gourmands, or recommend apartments near dog parks to pet lovers.

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Geographic Lookalikes

Expand to new geos or do geo-based targeted marketing. If you have a mailing list, we can help you target "everyone with X miles of a lake".

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