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The right features, personalized to your needs

Comprehensive descriptions of place

Our data scientists have curated features that show you what makes a location valuable. Understand local demographics, know how many grocery stores are a short drive away, and check if there’s a popular brand within walking distance. Or, access our catalog of over 3,000 up-to-date features and tune to your specific use case.

Deep dive on locations of interest in a single click

Address enrichment

Upload a spreadsheet of addresses, or just search directly in our UI for a location, and Iggy will handle the rest. Get powerful, ready-to-analyze insights into place added directly to your points with the press of a button.

Location intelligence designed for humans

Intuitive visualization and reporting

Easily understand and compare areas at a glance using detailed maps of Iggy features. Export and share easy-to-read, beautifully formatted reports on your addresses. 

"If you had told me when we were starting Opendoor that a company like Iggy could take care of the gnarly data ingestion and normalization that ate up so much of our time, I would have signed right away. Their products solve a huge pain point and let companies focus on the analytics, where true value is created."

Ian Wong

CTO, Open Door

"Iggy’s wide range of geospatial datasets and flexible API allows us to offload the hundreds of hours of engineering effort it takes to build and maintain geospatial infrastructure."

Ryan Letzeiser

CEO, Obie Risk

"We had very specific geospatial needs down to the sub-property level. Iggy was able to source and deliver on our demanding geospatial data needs via their ergonomic APIs saving us countless hours in engineering effort."

Matt Rastovac

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering, Atmos

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