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Programmatically add iggy features to your data

Enrich endpoint

Get the location data you need to build and maintain sophisticated real estate models, or integrate Iggy’s features into online, customer-facing workflows. Our programmatic enrichment solution enables you to enrich millions of addresses with Iggy features. 

Seamlessly integrate Iggy with your existing data 

Snowflake integration

Iggy features are hosted on Snowflake Marketplace, making it easy to start using them inside your data warehouse and analytics environment without building a complex integration. Use our library of SQL templates to quickly add Iggy features to your analysis pipelines. 

Use Iggy to process your data

Spatial compute engine

Leverage Iggy’s backend compute engine and boundaries - including models of the walkable or drivable distance around 1.5 billion points in the US - to aggregate your internal data. Or, bring your own boundaries - like a specific market or delivery radius - and get Iggy features computed to those areas. 

"If you had told me when we were starting Opendoor that a company like Iggy could take care of the gnarly data ingestion and normalization that ate up so much of our time, I would have signed right away. Their products solve a huge pain point and let companies focus on the analytics, where true value is created."

Ian Wong

CTO, Open Door

"Iggy’s wide range of geospatial datasets and flexible API allows us to offload the hundreds of hours of engineering effort it takes to build and maintain geospatial infrastructure."

Ryan Letzeiser

CEO, Obie Risk

"We had very specific geospatial needs down to the sub-property level. Iggy was able to source and deliver on our demanding geospatial data needs via their ergonomic APIs saving us countless hours in engineering effort."

Matt Rastovac

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering, Atmos

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