Note from founders

Diversity & Inclusion @ Iggy

We closed our first round of funding on 3 June 2020. Protests against police brutality were happening in every state of our nation in response to the horrific murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minnesota. Many Americans are speechless at the ‘brokenness’ of the system. But the system is functioning exactly how it was designed: to maximize white comfort.

This has to change.

The founders of Iggy are both white. One lesbian, one straight man. We walk through the world with a ton of comfort and privilege, and we get that. Part of the excitement of building a new company though is that we get to set the rules. As such, we are committed to building a company that is intentionally and manifestly diverse from day one.

This starts with our cap table. You’d be shocked at how few companies have anyone who is neither white nor male. 3 of our 4 largest checks are from women, 30% of our checks under $25k are from women, and over 12% of these smaller checks are from non-white investors. From here, it will extend to our employees. We are prioritizing the sourcing of diverse candidates from day one (send us your intros!).

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion also extends to our products: we are empowering developers with data that hasn’t been possible before which can be used to serve and create products for end users/consumers that are too often unseen.

There’s a lot of work to do, but we’re committed to creating a company that we can be proud of, and hope you can be too.

Lindsay Pettingill
CEO & Co-Founder