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  1. Enrich your location data without leaving your notebook

    by Anne Cocos

    Geographic information plays a major role in pricing for industries like real estate. The characteristics of a home’s neighborhood — its (dis)amenities, aesthetics, and walkability — all impact its value.

  2. You don’t need to learn Spatial SQL!

    by Lindsay Pettingill

    I was listening to a podcast on location data the other day, and I had to stop because the folks on it were suggesting that everyone should learn spatial SQL. I am all about learning new things, but this one really made me laugh… nervously. Spatial SQL is a massive innovation, but has an incredibly high barrier to entry. Sadly, this means that many projects are either blocked or come at a very high development cost. We are here to change that.

  3. How we Achieved High Quality Streaming Video for Remote Team Bonding!

    by Ben de Jesus

    We wanted to celebrate the holidays with our remote team by hosting a video conference and playing a few rounds of Jackbox. This was way harder than we imagined!