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  1. Introducing The PlacePicker: What you can build with Iggy

    Ben de Jesus, Software Engineer
    Lindsay Pettingill, Iggy Co-founder & CEO

    How many tabs did you have open, or how many Google searches did you do the last time you moved to a new place? If you’re like us, the answer is probably simple: “way too many”. When it comes to location we often have preferences, but no way to articulate them in the places that we make decisions...

  2. IggyEnrich for your browser

    by Lindsay Pettingill, Iggy Co-founder & CEO

    Data is essential to decision-making but it is often found far from where decisions are made. Think back to the last time you tried to plan a short trip, vacation, or even looked for a place to live in a new city. How many browser tabs did you have open? If the answer is “too many to count” you’re in good company. ✋