Place data in the websites we use and love: Spotlight on OpenTable

Welcome to the newest post in our ongoing series on place data in various websites. Last time we focused on Tesla, which recently added Superchargers to their navigation guidance (A brilliant move, to my mind). This time we're turning the spotlight to OpenTable.

I was intrigued to receive an email today with the subject line: "Explore restaurants with epic views in San Francisco". This is right up our alley! It led to the landing page screenshot above. I love that OpenTable is taking a more expansive look at their listings/restaurants. Sure, the food is important but who doesn't want to pair good food with an epic view? 

This may seem subtle, but I expect more and more companies to lean into place-based marketing to differentiate their products and experiences.

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Use Cases

Place data in the websites we use and love: Spotlight on

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Use Cases

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