Iggy + Open Data

Much of geospatial data analysis today is powered by rich open data. Governments everywhere regularly publish the locations of infrastructure (roads, emergency services, ports, etc), elevation models, satellite imagery, and much more. Alongside governments, communities around the globe collaborated to build some of the largest open datasets ever constructed, containing vast amounts of information about the world around us.

Announcing Iggy Open Data

Open data provides a great foundation to build apps, analyses, and models. Using it is a way to start bringing location awareness into your work. To that end, today we are announcing Iggy Open Data, a site that hosts various datasets our team’s found useful along with detailed documentation about the attributes, coverage, licensing, and source. You can download the data in formats that are easy to work with in common open source geospatial tools and libraries. Iggy isn’t aiming to provide a comprehensive collection of all open location data; our intent is to give you a good place to get started.

When you’re ready to go deeper, we can help. At Iggy, we make it fast and easy to get more from your data by enriching it with detailed location data and context. You can use Iggy to augment your data with details about the businesses in a zip code, the distances to the nearest fire stations, the amount of green space in a 10 minute walk, and 100s of other features. Location enrichment helps you find better answers to critical business questions and make better predictions. We’ve built a massive, nation-scale dataset to help you do that by combining data from both open and proprietary sources with precise spatial analytics and machine learning.

Let us know what data you find useful and if there are additions to our curated open datasets you’d like to see. You can reach out on twitter  or via email

Stay in the loop for more updates from Iggy. Or request an early demo of how location data enrichment can help your team make better use of your existing data.

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Iggy's Data Coverage

Iggy's contextual data now covers 94% of the US population!


"Like Wikipedia for any location on earth..."

Select a geographic area, choose the data points you want, and a world of data is yours to build with. It can go right into your stack and be used to build better products from models to programmatic SEO pages.


Understanding Place with Iggy

Augmenting your data with understanding around a place leads to better analysis, models and products. But really understanding place at a granular level is tough. Iggy makes it simple so all you have to do is plug it into your data analysis, model, etc.