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Want to use off-the-shelf OSM data for ML models in Real Estate? Hold your horses, for now

Getting geospatial data into ML models is hard. One reason for this is that there are few “canonical” sources for geospatial data at scale. Open Street Map (OSM) is understood as one such source for rideshare, but its potential in real estate use cases is widely unexplored. In this post we discuss some of the quality control/QC work we do to improve off-the-shelf OSM data and measure the impact of that work via a real estate pricing model benchmarking test.


Meet Team Iggy: Ben de Jesus

I started with a design degree from SF State, doing graphic and web design for a small agency. I did a bit of print work as well as creating different kinds of collateral marketing and conferences. 

Use Cases

3 Innovative Ways to Use Geospatial Data in Real Estate

Virtually all companies are in the same boat: it's way too hard to innovate their products when it comes to location data. The few who can leverage geospatial data can innovate in truly game-changing ways.


Meet Team Iggy: Alex Malokin

This is a part of a series of posts introducing team Iggy. Meet Alex Malokin, Data Scientist and transportation expert!


Meet Team Iggy: Annie Iezzi

This is a part of a series of posts introducing team Iggy. Meet Annie Iezzi, Chief of Staff!


Data Quality at Iggy

Iggy's vision is to make data about the world accessible so that our customers can build great products, models and analyses. But the world is constantly changing and there is no one single best source of all geographic information, so how do we do this? We consider checking and improving data quality a core part of our work.


Understanding Place with Iggy

Augmenting your data with understanding around a place leads to better analysis, models and products. But really understanding place at a granular level is tough. Iggy makes it simple so all you have to do is plug it into your data analysis, model, etc.


Anne Cocos' podcast interview on location ML

Tune in to hear from Anne about: Motivations for iggy, based on our CEO Lindsay's experience as a data scientist at Airbnb, How we build our core/canonical datasets,Lessons learned from ingesting massive datasets with complex geometries (I.e. FEMA flood data),How iggy can help w health outcomes, Navigating the pre-PMF journey, Why Anne thinks machine learning on geospatial data is particularly cool.


Iggy + Open Data

Iggy Open Data, a site that hosts various datasets our team’s found useful along with detailed documentation about the attributes, coverage, licensing, and source.


Meet Team Iggy: Anirudh Shah

This is the first in a series of posts introducing team Iggy. Meet Anirudh Shah!

Launching Iggy Self Serve APIs

Our mission at Iggy is to make information about the world accessible. We’ve taken our first steps toward this over the last few months. Starting today you can query more than 175 geographic datasets using the Iggy API.

Developers deserve better

My version of better is founded on usability as a first principle. This means building a company from the ground up that is devoted to making geospatial data actually usable to the folks who are building the products and experiences that are shaping our lives: developers.

You don’t need to learn Spatial SQL!

Iggy makes data about the world more accessible

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