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  1. Iggy Gets (stream) Lit

    by Kevin Stofan

    All of us at Iggy are incredibly excited to announce the soft launch of our API geared towards making location information easily accessible to developers, data scientists, and anyone working with location-focused products. Our API exposes users to a wide variety of data from high resolution fire risk data to demographic data down to the Census Block Group. Our data can be queried using a variety of techniques from a simple latitude and longitude input to more complex user-defined geometries.

  2. Road Trip? Ask Iggy

    by Anne Cocos

    Now that summer is here and we’re starting to see the light at the end of the long COVID tunnel (🤞), our thoughts are turning to travel. Travel to see friends and family, travel for work, or travel just to get out of town for awhile. While trains and planes might still feel risky for some, road trips are a convenient and comfortable way to get the heck out of Dodge.

  3. Launching Iggy Self Serve APIs

    by Lindsay M Pettingill

    Our mission at Iggy is to make information about the world accessible. We’ve taken our first steps toward this over the last few months. Starting today you can query more than 175 geographic datasets using the Iggy API.

  4. Developers Deserve Better

    by Lindsay M Pettingill

    Last week I found out about a pretty cool new global Landcover dataset. The Landcover dataset, alongside most of the “open” (er, free) geospatial datasets available on the internet, are hosted by ESRI. If you’d like to use the Landcover dataset, the default path is ESRI’s. It is totally wild that the best software solutions that exist right now for working with geospatial data require so much work and expertise. It doesn’t have to be this way. Developers deserve better.

  5. Enrich your location data without leaving your notebook

    by Anne Cocos

    Geographic information plays a major role in pricing for industries like real estate. The characteristics of a home’s neighborhood — its (dis)amenities, aesthetics, and walkability — all impact its value.

  6. You don’t need to learn Spatial SQL!

    by Lindsay Pettingill

    I was listening to a podcast on location data the other day, and I had to stop because the folks on it were suggesting that everyone should learn spatial SQL. I am all about learning new things, but this one really made me laugh… nervously. Spatial SQL is a massive innovation, but has an incredibly high barrier to entry. Sadly, this means that many projects are either blocked or come at a very high development cost. We are here to change that.

  7. How we Achieved High Quality Streaming Video for Remote Team Bonding!

    by Ben de Jesus

    We wanted to celebrate the holidays with our remote team by hosting a video conference and playing a few rounds of Jackbox. This was way harder than we imagined!

  8. Introducing The PlacePicker: What you can build with Iggy

    Ben de Jesus, Software Engineer
    Lindsay Pettingill, Iggy Co-founder & CEO

    How many tabs did you have open, or how many Google searches did you do the last time you moved to a new place? If you’re like us, the answer is probably simple: “way too many”. When it comes to location we often have preferences, but no way to articulate them in the places that we make decisions...

  9. IggyEnrich for your browser

    by Lindsay Pettingill, Iggy Co-founder & CEO

    Data is essential to decision-making but it is often found far from where decisions are made. Think back to the last time you tried to plan a short trip, vacation, or even looked for a place to live in a new city. How many browser tabs did you have open? If the answer is “too many to count” you’re in good company. ✋

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