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Our Story

Location data is nascent. Google changed how we look at maps, but we think another transformation is possible. There is so much untapped potential in location data and we’ve been limited by the engineering and data science skills necessary to access it. Our toolkit changes that. We want to reimagine what’s possible, beyond the map.

At Iggy, we’re building the products we wish we had had at Airbnb.

It’s way too difficult to access and leverage valuable location data and insights. We felt these limitations while building some of the most popular location-focused experiences of the last 10 years. Our founders, Lindsay and Zack, are geospatial engineers and data scientists that strongly believe that everyone should have access to complex location data.

We’re building a developer toolkit to empower builders.

We don’t just want to replace lines of code with fewer lines of code. And we don’t just want to give you access to different maps. We think you should be able to interrogate location data, to glean its secrets, and turn it into powerful features and amazing user experiences. We want to make that as easy as possible for as many people as possible.

We envision entire companies being built because Iggy provides easier access to new data.

While we continue to supercharge engineering and product teams working in location-intensive applications such as real estate, travel, and healthcare, we are thrilled by the less obvious areas that can now leverage location data in novel and exciting ways using Iggy.

We promise developers the world…and deliver. Where will you let Iggy take you?

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