Meet Iggy

We’re reimagining what’s possible with location data.

Our Story

There is so much untapped potential in location data and we’ve been limited by the engineering and data science skills necessary to access it. Iggy changes that.

Location data is nascent. Google changed how we look at maps, but we think another transformation is possible. We want to reimagine what’s possible, beyond the map.

At Iggy, we’re building the products we wish we had had at Airbnb.

It’s way too difficult to access and leverage valuable location data and insights. We felt these limitations while building some of the most popular location-focused experiences of the last 10 years. Our founder, Lindsay, is a data scientist who strongly believes that everyone should have access to complex location data.

We’re building tools to empower data scientists and engineers.

We don’t just want to replace lines of code with fewer lines of code. And we don’t just want to give you access to different maps. We think you should be able to interrogate location data, to glean its secrets, and turn it into powerful features and amazing user experiences. We want to make that as easy as possible for as many people as possible.

We envision entire companies being built because Iggy provides easier access to new data and tools.

While we continue to supercharge engineering and product teams working in location-intensive applications such as real estate, travel, and healthcare, we are thrilled by the less obvious areas that can now leverage location data in novel and exciting ways using Iggy.

Where will Iggy take you?

Meet the team

Lindsay Pettingill

Lindsay Pettingill

Founder, CEO

Airbnb Alum, Data Science, Avid reader, Traveler, Boulderer; Probably a little too into data

Ben de Jesus

Ben de Jesus

Web Engineer

Accessibility Advocate, Photographer, Gamer

Annie Iezzi

Annie Iezzi

Chief of Staff

Book Worm, Spinning Addict, Amateur Wine Connoisseur

Donald Lee-Brown

Donald Lee-Brown

Director of Product

Urban Gardener, Amateur Brewer, Sometimes Stargazer

Alex Malokin

Alex Malokin

Engineering Lead

Geography Enthusiast, Generalist, Model Critic, and Cycling Lover

Anirudh Shah

Anirudh Shah

Research Engineer

Sports Fanatic, AI, Aficionado, Jazz Lover

Elizabeth Skolmen

Elizabeth Skolmen

Graphic Designer

Doodler, Noodler, and Specialized Generalist

Tucker Wash

Tucker Wash

Product Engineer

Pizzaiolo, Trail Runner, House Music Curator

Luke Zachmann

Luke Zachmann

Head of Data Science

Former Ecologist, Mountain Biker, Devotee of Probability and Math Metal

StevieNicks Skolmen Pettingill

StevieNicks Skolmen Pettingill

Chief Snuggler

No Work History, Avid Snoozer and Stretcher

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working at Iggy

We invest in our people


In addition to competitive salaries, we offer a full suite of benefits that includes: 

  • Remote First Company - work from where you want to live (in the continental US)!
  • 100% Company paid premiums for medical, dental and vision & 50% paid premiums for dependents
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Employer-paid Life Insurance and AD&D Benefits
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Flexible Time Off 
  • Professional Development 
  • Team off-sites


Everyone gets equity, because we're building a team and company where everyone is an owner and is invested in our success.


We respect people for who they are, how, when and where they like to work, and who they are outside of work. At Iggy you get to be yourself and we support you in that.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We are committed to building a company that is intentionaly and manifestly diverse from day 1.

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