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Build location features faster

  • Developers can add Iggy to their product in less than an hour, with 4 lines of code.
  • We take care of all the complexity so you can focus on building a great product.
  • Our documentation and community make it easy to use our APIs.
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Access complex location data

  • Enrich your product and delight your users.
  • Integrate more location data into your app.
  • Whether you need environmental, infrastructure, or boundary data we can help. If we don’t have that data yet, just ask.
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Iggy makes location easy

  • Don‘t source or buy data and then try to figure out how to add it to your code. Iggy does all of that for you.
  • Use our data anywhere – from pipelines to apps and maps.
  • 4 lines of code gets you a world of location data & insights
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Iggy is a developer toolkit

With just 4 lines of code you get access to a growing database of location data & insights that we update and expand based on your needs