Geospatial data, labelling, and analytics at scale

With a simple API call, Iggy enables developers to access valuable geospatial data, labelling, and analytics.

We help you build the future

Iggy allows you to unlock novel geographic-based user experiences, products, and insights that until now were only available to highly sophisticated data teams.

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Bespoke Indices

From noise to leisure, we’ve built a library of custom indices that capture local context so you don’t have to.

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Geospatial Analytics

Do complex spatial data science on our servers with your data and ours.

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Asset Labelling

Every piece of the Earth has a label. We give you access to that.

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Geographic Data Vault

Access a variety of geographic data and integrate into your data pipelines.

What will you create?


Allow your customers to search based on the things that are important to them. From access to public transport to vibrant streets, Iggy helps you help your customers find the best places to stay by letting them lead with their preferences.

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Real Estate

Improve your pricing models by integrating more hyperlocal and granular data. Adjusting estimates by hand is yesterday. Integrating with data from Iggy is now.

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Your app facilitates connection, but the work of deciding where to connect in real life is left to your users. Coffeeshop, bar, park or museum? Iggy can help you create a more seamless and delightful experience.

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