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Iggy is a developer toolkit

With Iggy, you get access to a growing catalog of data that we normalize, update, and maintain based on your needs

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Build location features
in your app faster

  • Add Iggy to your product in less than an hour
  • We take care of all the complexity, so you can focus on building a great product
  • Extensive docs and a helpful community
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No need for special software

  • Making use of location data is hard, but it doesn't need to be
  • We’ve invested significant time making it easy to use and powerful—all with just a few lines of code
  • Make an account to explore our existing datasets and be notified about new datasets. Have a request? Let us know
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By developers, for developers

Iggy’s toolkit gives you simple endpoints that can scale with your application:

  • Access to more than 100 datasets
  • Scalable for the most demanding workloads
  • Easy and fast to implement
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  • Obie Risk Logo

    As a company with a high volume consumer-facing mapping application, we faced a big decision of building out our own geospatial infrastructure and data or using a 3rd party solution. Iggy’s wide range of geospatial datasets and flexible API allows us to offload the hundreds of hours of engineering effort it takes to build and maintain geospatial infrastructure. Not only do I see a high demand for what Iggy can provide to the insurance and risk analytics industry, but I expect companies with geospatial infrastructure needs will look to Iggy for their solutions also.

    Ryan Letzeiser
    Obie Risk
  • Atmos Logo

    As a proptech startup focused on custom home development, we had very specific geospatial needs down to the sub-property level. Sourcing, maintaining, and analyzing high-resolution geospatial data was a distraction that we couldn’t afford as we moved to launch our own product. Iggy was able to source and deliver on our demanding geospatial data needs via their ergonomic APIs saving us countless hours in engineering effort. We look forward to growing together in the future as demand for both of our offerings expand.

    Matt Rastovac
    Co-Founder and Head of Engineering
  • Opendoor Logo

    If you had told me when we were starting Opendoor that a company like Iggy could take care of the gnarly data ingestion and normalization that ate up so much of our time, I would have signed right away. Their products solve a huge pain point and let companies focus on the analytics, where true value is created.

    Ian Wong

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